Village school in the forest

The largest institution of Bócsa is the primary school with the library and the culture centre. At this school the children can attend eight school years. They can learn foreign languages such as German and English. Then the children can learn at a secondary school, they choose a grammar school or a vocational high school which are located in the nearby towns and can be reached by bus.

These buildings serve as a place not only for the 180 children learning there but also for all citizens and their guests. Behind the school building a large forest begins which extends into the national park ‘Kiskunság’. There are organized several tourism and social programs such as company parties, club evenings, or orienteering running.Visitors can stay at the youth hostel.



The most outstanding program happens on a public holiday, the 20th August. All the villagers gather then in order to celebrate the blessing and cutting of the new bread. Afterwards folks dance groups, singers and musicians perform on the stage. Meanwhile delicious dishes are prepared, and tasty local wine is offered.

village festival

Churches in the Puszta

It is hardly believable that the community with often 2000 villagers possesses 5 churches and chapels. It is worth to go on a pilgrimage to some of them, perhaps while hiking in the puszta or while riding a coach.


First communion

Health care system

The villagers together with those living in the periphery are looked after by a family doctor, a dentist and a nurse who have their practice in the village. There is also a chemist’s shop. Rescue service and fireworks arrive within 15 minutes.


Health care system