Opening words of the mayor

We should be proud of what we have achieved together.

Dear visitor,

Welcome to the website of the village Bócsa!

It gives me a huge pleasure to greet you virtually at us as the mayor.

As a native of Bócsa, I have made many thoughts about how to characterize our beloved village. It seems to be difficult because we – local people – are always unbiased towards our hometown. However, this is still good so!

Our common belief, enthusiasm, diligence, energy and ability to hold together have brought Bócsa to a condition how we can see it nowadays. Bócsa is a wealthy, neatly arranged township which provides a real home for its citizens. It offers us field for working, undertaking and plans attached to future. So we may be really proud of what we have achieved together.

The biggest value of the present Bócsa is that it is capable of self-renewal and positive change while the venerable traditions and the past have always been preserved side by side. I strongly believe that the intellectual heir of our forefathers lends us eternal force so that we can leave behind a liveable future for our descendants.

Dear visitor,

we have the honour that you are interested in us. With this website we would like to provide all the information you need and which could benefit a mutual relationship with you.

Mihály Szőke-Tóth

Mayor of the village Bócsa